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so, I hope they mean this in a humorous sense…

From the iPod Shuffle website:



Is this meant kind of like “hey, we’re Apple, we put funny stuff in footnotes because we’re so independent and trendy” or “people are stupid. Seriously, don’t eat our $150 electronic device”?

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  1. Drag your fly Drag your fly

    ok…so i am rather confused now. There are a lot of things that you still have to figure out on your new design, like why I am currently writting over September 2003. But I would like to point out the close resemblance to Brian’s catergory feature. I am not sure if it is good or not yet :-/

  2. Jim Reardon Jim Reardon

    It says 1/15/2005 — not sure where you see September 2003.

  3. Drag your fly Drag your fly

    It was not that, the text box to write in a comment was overlapping your list of archive months on the right. I became confused, which is not hard most days.

  4. Jim Reardon Jim Reardon

    Ahhh, I guess on 800×600 and below it would overlap. I shrank it down a bit so it should show up OK on at least 800×600 (probably not 640×480 though, but I don’t care).

  5. Yes, it is similar to my category feature. Jim copied my idea. I’m honored.

    By the way, Jim. I think you’ve got some bugs to work out. I got an overflow warning depite not posting a comment within the last six hours. Also, there seems to be some random html floating around up top.

    Who is “Drag your fly?”

  6. Hmmm, I’ll check it out. I didn’t modify much of anything, just installed a theme and added the SpellChecker plugin. Not sure if that screwed something up or if your computer has some extra viruses you installed on it.

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