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at least you still have one leg left

The movers sent me an estimate of how much crap I’ve accumulated — 4,250 lbs. Bear in mind I have more or less no furniture, just a couch, really… it seems like a lot.

Well, just in case I haven’t posted this before, the big move happens next week. Next week! The movers are here the 2nd through the 3rd, and I’m probably leaving on the 4th or 5th. Wow. I don’t start right away, I’m moving out early into temporary housing and looking around for a permanent residence. Hopefully I will find one.

Next week!

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  1. cc cc

    =..( sniffle

  2. Drag your fly Drag your fly

    who else would cry over you??/ 😉

  3. dean dean

    You do have a lot of crap jimmy. 🙂 they gonna use a scale to officially weigh it and charge u by the lb?

  4. I’m not sure if they officially weigh it or not, they bill Microsoft directly so to be honest I’m not too worried, although I’d be interested in knowing what they paid.

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