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Month: January 2005

at least you still have one leg left

The movers sent me an estimate of how much crap I’ve accumulated — 4,250 lbs. Bear in mind I have more or less no furniture, just a couch, really… it seems like a lot.

Well, just in case I haven’t posted this before, the big move happens next week. Next week! The movers are here the 2nd through the 3rd, and I’m probably leaving on the 4th or 5th. Wow. I don’t start right away, I’m moving out early into temporary housing and looking around for a permanent residence. Hopefully I will find one.

Next week!


So after writing all that up, I wake up at 11:00 am.

I think a major part of the problem here is the room I sleep in doesn’t have a clock. Actually, I think the entire top floor of this house is clockless. So I might wake up, but, not knowing what time it is, go right back to sleep thinking I haven’t had quite enough just yet.

I should get a clock. That would also prevent me getting up before noon, too (I think noon-thirty is a good time to wake up when not in school and not yet working).

it’s not confidential, i’ve got potential

I have trouble sleeping normal times when I get home… new to this break is that I seem to stay awake until, say, 5 am and decide that it’s not worth sleeping. So I stay up all night, go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 3 pm the next day, at which time the cycle repeats itself. This is not good but I can’t stop it, so I’m sleeping about 15 hours every two days.

Anyway, today was the first day of classes at UIUC. I did not go to any classes because I graduated. And boy does it feel nice. Instead of worrying about the classes I’m missing or the homework I should be doing, I have plenty of time to stay up until 4 am and write nonsense on a website. This website.

In a very symbolic move my UIUC hat — which was given to me by my brother when I got accepted — decided to break. The little plastic adjustable dealie separated from the hat and it is no longer wearable. It’s almost like it knew. I either need to get a new UIUC hat (or find the duplicate hat I had purchased when I thought I lost this one) or a new other hat. Today I had to wear a Cubs hat and that just won’t do. (If Shane reads this, he will wonder why I have a cubs hat and think of various comments such as “blah blah blah I’m Shane and I have a big head why do you have a cubs hat.” I have the Cubs hat because many years ago the company I worked for had a company outing at a Cubs game. We got a hat. I kept that hat, yet have worn it so few times it looks brand new). I wouldn’t have minded wearing it last year.

so, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a big pen up there

New journal template, new software, new year. The triad of threes is complete.

I think “triad of threes” is a bit redundant.

So I switched software because the old software took about 5 minutes a day to clear out spam links because the authors are greedy idiots. I would go into detail but it’d be boring. And rambling. But rest assured I have a good reason for calling them greedy idiots. Good luck to you livejournal ladies.

So aside from the fact that I can’t get comments to work perfectly well (specifically, it keeps insisting on me moderating them despite my choice to not have it do that), this little machine system here works really well. One specific feature that is quite nice is an integrated spell checking system.

So here you go, if you have something to say, say it here. If you don’t have something to say then just think of a funny combination of words, for example “Killer Pony” which seems to be a favorite of my brother’s.

so, I hope they mean this in a humorous sense…

From the iPod Shuffle website:



Is this meant kind of like “hey, we’re Apple, we put funny stuff in footnotes because we’re so independent and trendy” or “people are stupid. Seriously, don’t eat our $150 electronic device”?