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Month: December 2004

in case you didn’t see it in my profile…

So I have officially graduated college. Well, actually, it’s still unofficial but I did get a nice paper saying they hope as much as I do that I’ve fulfilled the requirements.

So the first thing I realized is that so far my life hasn’t changed at all since graduating. I did, however, recently take a survey and for once checked “completed college” instead of “some college” under Education.

The big change will be coming in a couple months — I’ll have moved halfway across the continent and starting in a new (well, mostly) job.

Oh, and, since you’re reading this I assume you are my friend, and as such are a good person. You know what to do.


I was just sitting, minding my own business when suddenly an overwhelming thought came into my head:

“Cowboys of Moo Mesa”

I have no idea why. I never watched the show, which last aired over 10 years ago, and have not thought of anything remotely related to cows, cowboys, mesas, or specifically Moo mesas.

Yet there it is.