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anything essential is invisible to the eyes

I have stepped foot into 203 N Gregory Apartment 205, my home for the past two years (ish), for the last time. It’s like the end of an era.

I think back on all the fond memories — of all my food being removed from the cabinets and shoved into a box, the greco-roman wrestling that apparently was going on upstairs by the sounds I heard, peeing on all of Brian’s stuff… good times, good times.

Tuesday I start my internship at a small company in Washington. I leave Sunday for three months of rainy weather and… I think all they have is the rain, yeah.

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  1. Amee Amee

    Evil One–

    Congrats, It’s Mr. Evil Goes to Washington now, is it? Dammit! I was hoping you could come to my graduation party June 12. 🙁 Oh well! I finally figured out how to blogroll you, so I’ll put ya up on my blog and finally return the favor.

    I just found your cards ( I have two different ones) so I’ll email you soon. Sometime when we’re both home, we should do Grapevine.

    Hope your new home in Washington is ossifying!

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