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and the post counter doth roll over

So far, I’m resisting a front from Allison to make me listen to — dear lord — country music. There are just far too many… syllables.

I cleaned my desk. It took 8 paper towels, all of which are now black from the disgusting dirt of said desk. It isn’t even extremely clean — it could stand another wipe down, but I ran out of paper towels.

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  1. previously mentioned country listener previously mentioned country listener

    you definitly have other options for music…its just that you dont consider music without words real music…so dont be going after me.

  2. Dan Dan

    Jim You Impress me. You’ve held out much longer than me. Dyanna had me listening to country music after 2 weeks. I’m sorry I feel your pain, but if you’re dating a country music fan you have to give in sometime it’s the law.

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