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two kittens style christmas; two monkeys like the zoo

There’s a nice obscure quote for you to chew on.

It’s the last real week of school. Endings always get me sentimental — thinking about other things that have come and gone, and I’ve decided to write an entry dedicated to an old friend.

I know we haven’t spent much time together; it really feels like we’ve been drifting apart for quite a while… but you mean a lot to me and I hope that this winter break we can get closer and spend more time together. Sometimes I take you for granted, and forget how important and special you are. To finish the dedication, a picture of my missing buddy:

I went to bed Tuesday at 6 AM and got up at 10 AM feeling like I wouldn’t make it through the day… and I won’t be able to sleep until sometime Friday. The worst was that not only was I tired, obviously, but for some reason it felt like my bones were liquifying and solidifying at roughly 33 Mhz. Add to the fact that, essentially, staying up all night to study proved completely and totally fruitless results in a grumpy me.

[Listening to: Last One Out of Liberty City – Less Than Jake – Hello Rockview]
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  1. So, your buddy is a bed skirt? It’s the only thing I noticed missing in the picture.

  2. ok about 70% Antidisestablishmentarianism this time ok about 70% Antidisestablishmentarianism this time

    Or some sort of googly eyed monster?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    Maybe there’s an invisible man/woman we can’t see… OR a vampire.. could be..

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