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it’s not every day you get to stalk someone

I was reading good-ole’ Christina’s web journal thing and got to thinking.

Christina is just about a teacher, or at least pretends to be — I’m not entirely sure and have no way of verifying her claims — and is student teaching. And I think she’s trying to substitiute? I don’t know, she can post a comment and clarify our knowledge. Or at least my knowledge. I think I’ve stuttered on this point long enough.

So one of her recent entries was about her breakup with her previous boyfriend including some poetry she wrote.

Imagine stumbling upon your highschool, junior high, or grade school teacher’s webjournal. You could learn far more than really any student should know about their teacher.

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  1. Dan Dan

    My junior year english teacher did have a personal webpage/journal. I learened more than I ever wanted to.

    Now if this teacher was a young hot girl like Christina, and not a middle aged catholic preist, things would be alot different.

  2. Exactly how are her sutdents going to find her journal? No where in her journal does she use her real name, and I’m sure she introduces herself to her students as Miss/Ms. ******, not sakurahime! Moreso, why would one of her students even *think* to look if their teacher has a journal? I don’t think she has anything to worry about.

    I have starred her last name to prevent a relation between it and sakurahime in case Jim’s comments are indeed being searched by 4th graders with too much time on their hands.

  3. Nick Nick

    So in other words your saying we should be blackmailing Christina into doing things for us in exchange for our silence about her journal location.. interesting.. heh

  4. Jim Jim

    Finally! Someone gets my point.

  5. christina christina

    No blackmailing me…please, there is nothing really bad on my journal, so i think it would be okay if someone found it, but i really wouldn’t want people looking for it…umm, and i’m kinda creeped out by Dan calling me a young hot girl…

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