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Month: November 2003

not trying very hard

Found a new program that lets me edit posts offline and also spell check. A very needed feature. Stupid name, but I’ll forgive them. All the more reason for you blogging kids to switch to Movable Type.

Not too much exciting new stuff — mostly just spending time with the family and trying to play Final Fantasy XI. I’m still unsure if I like it very much, especially since I can hardly handle killing a Forest Hare without getting my butt kicked. Hardcore.

One nice thing about this offline editor deal is that I can automatically insert the music I’m listening to while I post. A nice feature in theory, but with two problems:

1) It doesn’t have an iTunes plugin, which is now my primary music listener dealie.
2) I can’t listen to music and write.

Actually, I more or less can’t listen to music and do anything requiring thinking without getting oft distracted. Homework, writing, reading… nope. Well, I can’t listen to real music at least. Music without words doesn’t distract me too much… but what’s the point?

I have exactly 5 tasks left this semester (including all homework, projects, and finals). Only two weeks of classes left, then one week of finals.

Exciting times!

shoppy shoppy

Black Friday.

Known as such for the day that retailers books shift from red to black, the day after thanksgiving is store insanity.

3 stores. 3 hours. Starting at 4:30 AM.

First stop was Best Buy. We got in line behind roughly 120-150 people — we got in late, at 4:30 AM, so we missed out on some of the popular deals, but fortunately nothing any of us wanted. Picked up a new wireless router for the apartment, Chicago on DVD for $11.99, and some free CD-Rs. I saw an uninteruptible power supply for $5, so I picked that up too. It was very, very heavy.

Best Buy opened at 7 AM (a little earlier, but we got through the doors around then). Fortunately around 5:00 they started serving free and hot Dunkin’ Doughnuts coffee — one of my favorites.

I might not have made it without the coffee.

After Best Buy was Office Max. I picked up a keyboard, a 64 MB USB storage drive, 10 DVD-Rs, another 100 CD-Rs, and some nice slim jewel cases for everything. Net cost, negative $10.

Then went to Target and picked up a electronic dart board for the apartment (sorry, magnetic just doesn’t do it for me).

Net cost for the day was $27 for a whole total crap load of stuff.

Yay for being cheap!

it’s not every day you get to stalk someone

I was reading good-ole’ Christina’s web journal thing and got to thinking.

Christina is just about a teacher, or at least pretends to be — I’m not entirely sure and have no way of verifying her claims — and is student teaching. And I think she’s trying to substitiute? I don’t know, she can post a comment and clarify our knowledge. Or at least my knowledge. I think I’ve stuttered on this point long enough.

So one of her recent entries was about her breakup with her previous boyfriend including some poetry she wrote.

Imagine stumbling upon your highschool, junior high, or grade school teacher’s webjournal. You could learn far more than really any student should know about their teacher.

be careful what you write

This may be the first time I’ve had an entry in mind before a title for the entry. It’ll be interesting to see how, exactly, it pans out.

Overheard around dinner time:

Shane: “She broke a dating etiquette law.” (If I spelled that right, I’m impressed).

Brian: Some boring crap that nobody paid attention to.

Shane: Starts to say something else, who cares.

I decide to ask what ettiquette law his date had broken. I think I was just hoping for another excuse to mock him for having opened a can of soda he dropped and then being amazed it exploded and he lost three quarters of his drink (how an engineer can be surprised at this, I’m not sure).

“She ordered a meal that was $4 more than mine when I was paying,” Shane told me.

I couldn’t think of a response to this but Brian did.

“Why were you even paying for her in the first place?”

Shane had agreed to pay for the date in exchange for companionship, not a bad deal for him, you’ll agree, especially if you know Shane. Personally I don’t see the big problem in paying if the girl doesn’t mind — especially at the beginning of a relationship, as it aids in the swooning process — but Brian seems to think it’s a sin of some kind.

Personally, I don’t see how a guy on a first date can look at a girl and go “okay, so you owe $10.50.” Although strangely enough I can see Brian doing it.

Anyway, my main point is if this “etiqutte” law exists, I sincerely doubt it applies to theme resturaunts. Buying some crappy food at Olive Garden that costs a few dollars more than whatever else is not going to break the bank. I think this rule might more be aimed at lobster to burger imbalances. Not, uh, pasta to pasta with extra sauce or whatever Olive Garden serves.

It’s such a small thing it’s not worth getting worked up about. Heck, maybe next time you go to eat she’ll just get french toast and about a gallon of water and even things out.

Do normal people really pay attention to these things? It just seems so trivial. Fortunately for me chicken fingers tend to be reasonably priced no matter the restaurant.

What would happen if you offered to pay and just got a free bread basket? That would be awesome.

or maybe not. i’m currently unsure.

Andy is awesome, seriously.

Pulling off the best Halloween costume ever, Andy is now my hero. Walking down Green Street at least 30 or so people yelled out at him (most of which actually knew who he was, some of whom just thought he was a walking toilet or something).

In an attempt to get the Halloween started off right, I attempted to find an entertaining event to attend. While studying with Scott in the Union I saw a flyer for none other than the 6th annual Halloween Date Auction.

I thought this would be funny. Surprisingly enough Brian thought so too. So Brian, Dan, Rob, Shane, Allison (so we didn’t look like complete losers), and I hopped into a compact car — Rob in the trunk of course — and headed over to FAR to see the types of things that go down at a date auction.

After much negative energy being thrown my way for not knowing where exactly in one of the largest buildings on campus the auction was at, we find it and…

We didn’t go. I apparently should check the sponsoring club when looking at these things; the United Asian Club was sponsoring this one and, well, we didn’t feel comfortable actually going in.

I was armed with my camera but I figured 6 whiteys walking in, taking a picture of a room full of asians, then leaving might just leave a different impression than I really wanted.

After that Andy, Christina, and Lauren arrived. Andy showed off his costume shown above and we walked to get pizza at Papa Johns (I believe we picked the furthest place intentionally, though I’m not sure).

A few people actually stopped and asked Andy to pose with them for a picture (Andy insists he could use the quote “Somebody’s a grabbin’ my buttttt” during one of the pictures) and several others took candids.

Of course the best had to be the fact that the pizza man called his girlfriend to come to the store while we waited for our pizza — simply to see Andy’s costume.

Saturday was exciting fun at Six Flags St. Louis — the best part was Brian telling me the weather would be great, and it ending up being freezing and rainy. Unable to use the polak fleece I brought, I walked around in what I can only assume to be roughly 50 degree weather in a long-sleeve shirt and jeans, soaked.

We popped over to Mr. Freeze first. We were on the ride, ready to launch when they noticed someone had thrown up. They had to boot us off and clean the vomit, which took about an hour, before they could run the ride again. Fun.

Homework time. Yay.