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Month: September 2003

wow, pretty

In possibly the first semi-halfway-decent (yet rather hard) machine problem at U of I, I had to make a program which would let a user control a camera walkthrough of a given terrain in 3D. For example, you can load up a nice old tiff of the Grand Canyon and pretend you’re really there. It’s pretty nice, if I do say so myself. With real-time lighting effects, texture mapping, and wireframing capabilities, it sounds cool despite being lame.

Check it out if you’re so inclined. Me? I’m going home.

at least it’s an ethos

School has pounced upon me like an angry penguin.

I went to the Illinois vs. California game Saturday, my first foray into watching college football down here (and my only college football watchingness aside from my brother’s days at University of Chicago. Oh, was that horrible. It was always cold and he never played. I suspect he wasn’t even there for one of the games we went to). The Illini lost.

On the plus side of life, I’ll be in Vegas a month from tomorrow. My brother, the same one previously mentioned in a football capacity, is turning 30 years old and to celebrate we’ll spend a long weekend in Vegas for my birthday.

If that logic evades you, you are not a Reardon.

it has just been confirmed. i am a handsome man

I was just sitting at my computer, minding my own business, when I suddenly remembered something from many years ago and almost started crying I was giggling so much.

Before beginning it is important to note my brother was not wearing shoes.

When I was young, way younger than my memory really extends (which is why the details on this are a bit sketchy), one of my brothers was going through his room and found an old combination lock he had forgot he even had. He didn’t know the combination or even where it was from. It was unlocked, just sitting in his closet.

For some unknown reason he decided to put this lock around his big toe and lock it.

Through some mysterious coincidence, the part of his big toe closest to his foot was just big enough to fit a lock around. The toe-knuckle, however, was too large to fit a lock over.

Therein lied a problem. The lock was stuck on his big toe.

That’s where my memory ends, but really, it’s got to be the best part of the story anyway. I have no idea how he got that lock off (I assume he did though).

waiting for the melatonin to kick in

So, uh, here’s some ramble for you.

My computer science classes have teamed up to assign one MP: “Using SPIM on the CSIL machines available in DCL, prove or disprove the existance of God. Be precise. No partial credit awarded.”

My weather class teachers have paired up against me, deciding to spout out random streams of letters — letters, man, not even whole words! — that are completely nonsensical. My Atmospheric Dynamics professor even used the letter “poo”.

I had no idea how to put that in my notes.

My math class is a joke. I think we can use a calculator on the exams, in which case I need to know precisely nothing. Excellent.

I am a handsome man.

Finished watching the first season of “24”. Fairly good. Maybe a bit overboard with all the kidnapping. Especially considering some of the director commentary near the end… “you just never know what to expect from us zany writers! We’re zany! We’re not afraid to do anything!”

I know what to expect. I expect a whole lot of kidnapping. Somewhere around when the show hits 1 PM (the show runs 12 AM – 12 AM, so a bit over halfway), they’ve ran out of ideas and decide to kidnap the same people a few more times. But it was still good, kidnapping aside.

Finally, according to census statistics, JAMES is the most popular first name. You all can go home now — I win.

stupid morons!

So, while moving Jim Polak (who, I may have forgot to mention, lives on my couch) back from Seattle there were almost two citations issued.

First, my brother, right after leaving a bar in Montana (we had to hang out with the townies) got pulled over for doing somewhere around 50 in a 25 MPH zone. Don’t ask me why the speed limit is 25 on an interstate. The officer probably also saw us make an illegal U-turn or two. She let us go with just “watch out, there’s a lot of animals and if you hit them you die” kind of warning.

The second was while I was driving. I was going a bit over 100 MPH down Route 90 (speed limit, though, was 75). I flew by a cop who was in one of those little turnabouts cops love to take radar in, but he never even pulled out.

This was especially good as I’m on “Court Supervision” and if I get another ticket they tell my insurance company to hit me with a stick.

Saturday I got to, once again, see my favorite band — They Might Be Giants. Oh baby. Entertaining show, although they did get in trouble for the cursing and had to switch to double entendres.

Which is a shame, because the kids like the cursing.