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they may or may not be out to get me

The funniest episode of the Simpsons is, by far, “El Viaje de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)”. This is not open to debate.

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  1. not andy this time not andy this time

    what was that one all about ?

  2. Jim Jim

    Err, well, see, I needed something to post, as I’d been posting fairly regularly…

  3. andy andy

    no i mean the episode

  4. Jim Jim

    Oooh I get it.

    Homer goes on a mysterious quest after eating a guatamalan insanity pepper at the local chili cookoff. Prompted by a space coyote, he searches far and long for his soulmate — the one to which he shares a profound, mystical understanding.

  5. Nick Nick

    Take that space Coyote

  6. Jim Jim

    This is just your memory, I can’t give you any new information.

  7. Pip Pip

    Where is my soulmate?

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