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Month: June 2003


So looking over things I found that most people searching on the web found my site by searching for “!!!!!!!!!!!!111 one”. I think it’s great because that sums me up completely in one, err, phrase. If punctuation counts as a phrase.

Nothing too much new. Friday I stayed in the city after work. We went to eat at Maggianos — when we went in there was this huge bowl completely full of mints. After dinner we wanted some mints and they were all gone. As we were walking down the street the manager comes running out, yells “wait!” and tosses down a box of 1,000 breathmints.

I’m minty fresh.

(At least my breath is).

(And my pockets).

(And, strangely, my belt).

Working in the city is nice but I do miss sleep. I saw a bum reading the new Harry Potter. Not quite sure what that was all about.

how pleasant

I had my first day of work at the Bank today. While I was pretty much left in the dark as far as… everything… goes, I think I have a good handle on what I’m expected to do. Hopefully I’ll get a computer soon, as that would make it possible to do my job. Which is a good thing.

On the plus side I work right by a window on the 26th floor. It’s awesome looking up and being able to see a few miles off into the city.

That is all.

woah, an update!

Summer school starts in less than 24 hours and I’m not at school.

I was initially planning on taking a couple classes over summer to enable me to graduate at the end of next year (Artificial Intelligence and a Fiction class).

However, a month into my spring break and a few hours before I was about to start moving all my stuff back to Urbana, I got hired for an internship at Bank of America.

Answers to possible questions: What am I doing there? no idea. Where am I working? Sears Tower! Wish I’d have a window. When do you start? Tuesday the 17th of June. How you gonna get there? Speak proper English.

Beyond that nothing much has been happening. Hung out with Jenni on Friday and went to the Elmhurst Fest. I’ve seen crappy fireworks in my day — I live in Joliet, after all! — but the Elmhurst Fireworks Display was depressing. After that we pretty much did nothing, but had fun anyway. Almost drove into a lake on the top of a hill. Driving her home I got a speeding ticket. Alas. Maybe I’ll make the “Jenni Times.” I’ll be famous!

Saturday Brian almost had me drive into a lake (I guess they’re trying to drown me… very sneaky, but you’ll find I’m not that easy to knock off).

That’s it. I’ve updated, I’m done with you people now.