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… and it opened up my eyes


The first CD I ever purchased was Ace of Base’s debut album “The Sign”. I knew at the time I should be embarassed purchasing it, and did, appropriately. But I liked their singles quite a bit and ended up liking the whole album (which, I just noticed, you can purchase for 10 cents on Amazon).

I realized that I still buy music that I know I either shouldn’t like or shouldn’t admit to liking. This applies to my most recent CD purchase. I’ll leave you in suspense until you click that link. You can read through Amazon’s little description there, too.

Yes, I realize that it’s marketing, blah blah blah. But it’s certainly a concept I can stand behind, quite honestly, and I enjoy the music.

So why should I be embarrased? Aside from the music snob(s) I know doesn’t music appreciation just come down to what you enjoy? Even if the singers don’t write the lyrics or quite possibly even understand the language they’re sang in… it’s still “real music” right?

I hope so.

This entry was made under heavy influence of cough syrup, not sure if it’s intelligible. If anyone actually reads my little ramblings anymore and actually clicked through here, a question I pose: Do you have any ‘guilty’ pleasures in music? I’d like to hear who. I’d also like some pie.

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  1. nilknoc nilknoc

    ok, you do make a decent point, but if you look at the bottom of the amazon page, under “customers who bought this title also bought:” it lists something called “lesbian favorites: women like us.” that should have been a giant red flag. and if liking good music makes me a music snob, well then, snob me up. music is artistic expression and as such should represent genuine, legitimate emotion and shouldn’t be cheesy and manufactured. though every now and then it’s good to have some mindless fun

  2. Jim Jim

    The entire concept behind their music is lesbianism. It’s not surprising that a lesbian book would show up as a “other people bought”…

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