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Month: April 2003


Finally got the information through email about breast enlargement I requested. I was worried it would never come.

Now if I can just find a place to buy some illegal horse steoroids or reasonable facsimilies thereof…

… and it opened up my eyes


The first CD I ever purchased was Ace of Base’s debut album “The Sign”. I knew at the time I should be embarassed purchasing it, and did, appropriately. But I liked their singles quite a bit and ended up liking the whole album (which, I just noticed, you can purchase for 10 cents on Amazon).

I realized that I still buy music that I know I either shouldn’t like or shouldn’t admit to liking. This applies to my most recent CD purchase. I’ll leave you in suspense until you click that link. You can read through Amazon’s little description there, too.

Yes, I realize that it’s marketing, blah blah blah. But it’s certainly a concept I can stand behind, quite honestly, and I enjoy the music.

So why should I be embarrased? Aside from the music snob(s) I know doesn’t music appreciation just come down to what you enjoy? Even if the singers don’t write the lyrics or quite possibly even understand the language they’re sang in… it’s still “real music” right?

I hope so.

thanks to the power of pepsi, a second entry

SO I was pondering a bit about dreams and I think that the content of the dream isn’t quite as important as what the dreamer places emphasis on when analyzing said dream (not that I recommend doing so; I personally think dreams are just crazy craziness more often than not).

For example, a dream I recently had I was wearing a blue wig, at a guitar store, singing in fluent Italian. And the guitar store was on Venus. Then a car crashed into the store and a monkey got out and walked away. The monkey made no return appearance, but I then realized I was standing next to someone I hadn’t seen since highschool.

At this point I woke up and was thinking to myself “that’s weird I had a dream about that person.”

Yeah. That’s the weird part.

screw you RIAA

So I, a while back, heard the song “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence. I liked the one song and went to kazaa to see if their other songs were good enough to necessitate purchasing the musical album by this artist.

Every single song, at some point, had annoying tones in the middle, I guess planted there by the record company to prevent file theft.

Sure, if people were stealing my crap I’d get ticked off but this seems like a stupid way to go about preventing it. It just got me annoyed with the artist. It prevented me from downloading their album but also has prevented me from buying their album. Oh well, last time I checked there were plenty of people making music.

On an MPAA note one of my more favorite children’s books, Holes, is coming out on the big screen. I recommend seeing it. It won some kind of book award so it has to be good.