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Month: December 2002

final #1 of 4

Finals should be outlawed.

It is absurd to expect a student to put a few months worth of knowledge into use in a 3 hour timespan.

It’s absurd to even suggest a student TAKE a test for 3 hours straight.

On the plus side, today’s final was probably the most frightening out of the four (excluding, possibly, my next one on Thursday).

The worst part about taking a 3 hour final is, at least personally, one experiences such a wide array of emotions. I went through them all, I think. Disgust on seeing the problems, happiness on finding an easy one, despair when realizing I don’t know how to do one, amazement when I figure out how to solve the seemingly unsolvable, frustration at the fact there’s only 30 minutes left, hatred for anything circuit related, etc.

The test itself isn’t as tiresome as the emotions involved, honestly. You use up more energy freaking out (say, when you’re under the impression you can do about 50% of a final that’s 40% of your grade) than thinking.

i like music

I went to a little (read: 8 hour) concert Saturday night featuring Local-H, Lucky Boys Confusion, Better Than Ezra, Roscoe Plush (who, I must say, are one of the worst things to ever happen to music), the Red Hot Valentines, and I forget the other 2. Look it up yourself, if you’re so interested.

Anyway, the concert was an interesting experience. I can understand a lot of things that happen at concerts. Moshing, crowd surfing, uh, listening… but one thing that happened just struck me as unacceptable.

I was minding my own business as best as one can while being ran into with the weight of 500 other concert-goers when the fat, ugly woman next to me started — for no reason — pinching me. I guess I was crowding her, so she starts diging into my flesh. Using her nails as much as possible.

WHO IN THE WORLD PINCHES SOMEONE NEXT TO THEM AT A CONCERT? I just don’t understand at all. It’s a concert. Don’t expect to have a perfect personal-space bubble or leave.

I should have kicked her.

and like that… it was gone

I am done with one class. Since it has no final, and meets only on Mondays, it is over. Completely and totally over.

Now I just have to worry about the other 4.

ding-dong (the which is dead!)

Here’s a bit of a stream-of-consciousness post that won’t make a terrible much sense, I fear.

Let’s say you’re a person. And some mean old person, a pirate, if you wish, stabs you in the back. Pirates are cowardly and rude which is why I like the image of a pirate for this. Plus they’re not known for being terribly attractive.

So you and the pirate are getting along pretty well, you turn around, and he stabs you in the back. But you don’t realize he stabbed you in the back because it’s like… a cloaked dagger or something high-tech like that.

Okay so maybe you could picture instead of a pirate, a mosquito. You know how when they bite you, you can’t feel it? So it’s like that. But instead of just biting you, they, say, axe you in the head or something like that. But they still shoot out that pain-free ooze stuff that makes you itch a little so you don’t know you got axed in the head. It’s like that.

So you never realize that you have this big axe in your head. You can’t quite feel it… but you kind of know something isn’t right.

Time goes on, eventually you get around to taking a warm shower. As you’re putting some form of control goop in your hair, you notice, hey, there’s an axe in your head!

Doing what any logical person would do (although, logically, one shouldn’t have trusted the pirate again in the first place — bad people will continue to do bad things if you allow them) you take the axe out, and like go to the hospital, and that. So the axe is gone.

And you feel so much better. You never knew you felt like crap, you never knew you could feel that axe but it was really draining every little bit of life you had left in you. Once it’s removed you feel new. Alive. Reborn. All that jazz.

That, in probably far more words than I truly needed to use, is exactly how I feel now.