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This post involves pokemon.

In response to this question:

I know some people were taught in school that it is, but others (including myself) were taught that 0 is neither even nor odd.

My CS173 instructor (not a TA, the actual instructor) replied:

Hmmm… I sincerely hope that if someone actually taught that, that they
were, as a group, suffering from mass hysteria, brought on by questionable
teaching methods such as watching Pokemon reruns at high speed. Please, I
hope. peeka peeka.

I don’t feel teachers should be allowed to use the phrase “peeka peeka” for two reasons. (1) it’s freaky and (2) it’s spelled pika. I’ve got 5 to 1 odds that he freaks out and kills either a student or his common-law husband by the end of the semester.

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  1. You cannot measure the speed at which you will be in hell after death.

    Don’t make fun of fat girls. And sure as hell don’t poke them. They might eat you.

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