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ahh, yes, tasty crack cocaine

Okay, so altoids introduces a new candy and shoves it down those mini-aisles that entangle the checkout area. The candy looks innocent enough, surely, as you can see below:


Yup, a perfectly innocent candy treat, right? Yeah, until you open it:


You see, apparently it is now legal to package, distribute, and sell sour crack conviniently placed near your checkout lane. Mmmm, crack.

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  1. drtdiggr drtdiggr

    You’ve touched on something… funny or not, those containers are regulary used to transport the “real thing”. Until I read your perspective, I never realized just how much those candies really do look like “Tasty crack cocaine”.

    Peace Out

  2. thats not crack

  3. me me

    omg dat dont look like crack i think ur on crack

  4. trap nigga trap nigga

    crack is tan.. not green

  5. jarrek jarrek

    trap is right yer gay

  6. daniel daniel

    liek omg dewd ur sew ghey. dont u knoes wut crack lukes liek. i sm0ke

  7. daniel daniel

    im joking its obviose that you werent saying that thats crack those people are stupid for calling you gay and i dont smoke crack. just strait up cocaine

    thats fukin cNDY NOT CRACK

  9. puslite puslite

    omg u guys prob think im gay but now i am seroiusly scared! iz dat craack or wat! man i eat dat shit alls da time and i want to stay healthy……pleaze tell da truth

  10. sliturthroat sliturthroat

    Dude, hes not saying that its crack. Its a joke… Dammit… Dumbasses…

  11. Dave Dave

    your all crack heads

  12. trap star trap star

    you guys are fucin stupid and you other guys are even more stupid. its a joke altoids look like crack but technially it doesnt look anything like crack. go in your mother room in the little pocket and compare one of those bags to these pis

  13. fag fag

    fuckin love coke

  14. fag fag

    lookin to smoke ?

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